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What I Brought From River Island (SALE)

I know it's three months on but I've been thinking about posting this for a while and now I've finally got around to it so...

It was Boxing day (the day after Christmas day for anyone that doesn't know) and I decided to brave the Boxing day sales which are unlike any other sales throughout the year, they are renowned for being manic. However my family and I decided to go out to New Square shopping centre in West Bromwich. I went into a few other stores before getting to River Island but the entire front section of this store was just rails and rails, full of reduced stock so everything in this post is just what I brought from there. I usually don't shop in River Island at all because (and this might sound cheap) the clothing is just out of my price range BUT those who know me, know that I cannot resist a sale and this one was too good to miss.

At first I only managed to find one shirt that I liked and it was three sizes bigger than my actual size but the floral print and dolman style sleeves looked so pretty and elegant and it was a bargain for £10, so I brought it. Then we were all stood in the que for an hour (felt like longer) and on route to the tills I spotted this fluffy, cream/gold bag and the label said it was reduced to £12 so I grabbed the last one and it ended up being £10 at the till (I love it when that happens)It is super, super soft, has a shoulder strap and a chain strap. I think this bag looks so fancy, probably due to the colour and I don't usually buy myself such fancy items because, well, who am I trying to kid but I think it would accentuate a casual white shirt and jeans kind of outfit really well.

floral crop
floral crop sleeve
side floral crop
river island bag
bag river island

The River Island sale continued for a few more weeks and so the next couple of items were purchased on my second trip to the store and I took the goose (mum) with me. I had in mind that I wanted to find fancy, going out shirts because I don't always want to wear a dress on a date night or night out but I don't have any nice shirts to wear out, out. This first shirt isn't my usual style but I tried it on and was amazed by the quality, it's not thin, static or clingy and it made me look and feel my age because even though I'm 24, I still get mistaken for being a teenager thanks to my baby face. The second one is way more my style, I am comfortable with a simple, floral pattern. The design of the sleeves makes this so cute and the elastic around the waist makes it fit perfectly because it sits just above the waist band of mid-rise jeans.

pattern top collar
pattern top front
pattern top
floral top
floral top sleeve

Shopping list

Women's shirts, River Island

Women's bags, River Island

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