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Hi, I’m Marsha, an everyday Brummie girl who loves clothes, cosmetics, cooking, cups of tea and cow-print.

I am a 90's baby at 24 years young, I have a twin sister, younger sister and an older half brother. I was born and raised in the Birmingham area and still currently live at home with the goose and my sisters. I love Disney, as do most girls my age, but haven't yet made it to Disneyland. As well as this, I enjoy fitness and started my journey over two years ago; I try to be dedicated to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle as best I can, although I probably should cook and eat healthier but tea and biscuits are my kryptonite.

In 2015 I graduated from De Montfort University with a BSc Honours in Media Production and this was the best experience of my life, to date. When I was younger I read a phrase in a book that said there's always something; this has stuck with me for over a decade and I strongly believe in it. Writing a blog is very new to me but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

I hope you've enjoyed the waffles and I hope whoever reads my blog will enjoy the content I post.

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