How I Created A Capsule, Winter Wardrobe

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Are we ready for Winter?

When it comes to wintertime there's nothing I enjoy more than putting on my comfy clothes and making homemade hot chocolates with all the trimmings, but this year I've been oh so productive and decided to try out the phenomenon that is the capsule wardrobe. With the help of Pinterest and award-winning online content creator Anna Newton | theannaeditI emptied the entire contents of my wardrobes with all my summery clothes in and began the uphill battle of creating my winter capsule wardrobe.

The contents of my summer wardrobe consisted of cami shirts, dresses, play-suits and thin cardigans, because even in the summer I feel a chill. I had to tidy it all up and put everything away...until next year. I think I must have read all of the capsule wardrobe related posts on theannaedit and I learnt that I needed to be organise, ruthless and tell myself that there's just no need for six grey jumpers. All of the items I got rid of, (for want of a better phrase), went to local charity shops, clothing banks and/or H&M in store drop off; here's how I got started.

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1. The list
Yes it may sound tedious but it's important, the first thing I did was write it down, starting with just three simple categories: jumpers, jeans, tops. Then I thought about how many items I wanted to have in each category and with winter upon us I knew jumpers would be the dominant category. I have a lot of jumpers so I settled for eight, ranging from moderately warm to chunky warm (this doesn't include chunky cardigans). After I had completed the list I gathered lots of bags/black bin bags.

2. Emptying

Now came the time to remove everything out of my wardrobes, I wanted to go all in and start throwing it all onto the floor but I thought better of it because it would just be more mess. Instead I cleared a big space on my bed and took each garment off its hanger and popped it into an appropriate pile on my bed. I had two large suitcases ready and both were eventually filled up because I have a lot of summer clothes...oops.

3. Out with the old, in with the new.

Once the two large suitcases were emptied of winter clothes I was able to start folding away the summer bits and pieces and neat mounds of piled up clothes got smaller and smaller. Then I chucked out many broken/awkward hangers and began looking through my winter collection that had been hidden away all this time; this was my favourite part of the process because I came across items that I had forgotten about I had a lot to work with so lots of options to match up/choose from for my new capsule wardrobe.

winter clothes
winter bottoms

Firstly I went through my jeans and I love jeans so deciding on which pairs to keep out for winter, was difficult. I kept out my darker, thicker blue pairs, three in total and my white pair (I was thinking of snow and how this would blend nicely), then my khaki green pair for the autumn months, my very thick, denim MOM jeans (that I'm in love with) and two pairs of black jeans. I don't think you can go wrong with black jeans, especially one cheaper pair and one more high quality pair. Then I threw in three pairs of smart/long trousers just for variety.

It was then time to sort through my took a while. The wardrobe (below) is where I keep my three favourite jumpers which are the ones I mentioned in an earlier, My Pinteresting Life, post. To finish off I added in a few long sleeved shirts, tops and one, maybe two dresses.

Creating a capsule wardrobe was tricky because I just wanted to include all of my jumpers, jeans and more dresses. The wardrobe you can see here is my priority capsule wardrobe as I now refer to it as, so I will look in here first and try to piece an outfit together. However, if I struggle I spin around to the wardrobe on the other side of my room where I keep a few back up options and items that wouldn't fit into the two suitcases. I have to say, I really enjoyed doing this, it has been challenging but I think I'm going to become addicted to wardrobe organisation.

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