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Another New Look trip.

Two weeks on and it has happened again, I found my way into New Look at The Fort, Birmingham. I was only going to return two items that didn't fit from my last online order but then I saw a beacon of (red) light that was the 60% sale sign...

All comedic attempts aside, I was so impressed with the sale in this particular store because it was so tidy and organised; trousers were all together, tops together, jumpers together etc. I couldn't believe my eyes because I'm usually so used to the chaos that is New Look, Bullring, Birmingham, with tangled tags and garments falling from hangers when you so much as breath next to them, so this was a nice change. I didn't feel the need to venture into any other section but I know that sometimes the sale rails are at the back of the store so that you have to walk past everything else to get there, clever strategy right.

New Look stuff
newlook clothing

I browsed through the rails for a good hour, trying to juggle all of the items I had and feeling the pain of several hangers digging into my hands (it's worth it). I wanted everything I saw but narrowed it down to about 10 garments to try on, one of which was for Twinny because we like to treat each other now and then.

So there I was in the changing room trying it all on and almost everything was my correct size (size 8-10) all except the camel shirt which was a 6 but I went with it anyway because I liked the floral pattern. Then I decided to swap out the size 8 denim shirt for a size 10. I really like this garment, it looks and feels like how a denim shirt should, with the useless yet trendy press stud button pockets and if you scroll on you will see exactly how I plan to style this garment.

denim shirt

Credit to Pinterest for existing and providing me with such outfit inspiration. If any of you have read my first blog post Goodbye Winter, then you would have seen the grey cowl neck jumper that I own and this is the one I would wear to achieve this outfit, I doubt it will look as good as it does here but I'll put an attempted. I haven't been able to find the exact items I brought, because they were sale, so instead I have linked similar alternatives.

Shopping list

Camel Ditsy Floral Boxy Shirt, New Look

Blue Double Pocket Denim Shirt, New Look

Pale Grey Slouchy Roll Neck Jumper, New Look

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